Lutfor Rahman

Research Analyst

Dr Rahman completed his PhD on modeling of different taxa inhabiting restored landfill sites and their association with local habitats and landscapes in the East Midlands, UK. He has experience of conserving wildlife habitats, how to comply with environmental regulations and developing habitat management plans for best practice. His research interests are in landscape ecology and conservation biology, with a particular interest in restoration issues in ecology and conservation management. He is married with one son and lives in West Wales, UK.

While working at IWC Luftor came to Habitat Info and worked with Dr Lou Luddington and Dr Rob Davies on a variety of projects for The Peregrine Fund and Alterra Wageningen University & Research.


PhD (Ecology) University of Nothampton 2010
MSc (Forestry) University of Chittagong (Bangladesh) 2003
BSc (Forestry) University of Chittagong (Bangladesh) 2000


Erika Moisl, Dr Francesca Albanese, Dr Ben Sanders, Dr GeorgiaLeith, Dr Lutfor Rahman, Cuchulainn Sutton-Hamilton. 2018. Evaluation of the StreetLink project.