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NameScientific NameDownload
Martial EaglePolemaetus bellicosusDownload
Crowned EagleStephanoaetus coronatusDownload
Verreaux’s EagleAquila verreauxiiDownload
Tawny EagleAquila rapaxDownload
Steppe EagleAquila nipulensisDownload
Lesser Spotted EagleAquila pomarinaDownload
Greater Spotted EagleAquila clangaDownload
Spanish Imperial EagleAquila adalbertiDownload
Eastern Imperial Eagle Aquila heliaca Download
Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos Download
Long-crested EagleLophaetus occipitalisDownload
African Hawk-eagleHieraaetus spilogasterDownload
Bonelli’s EagleHieraaetus fasciatusDownload
Ayres’s Hawk-eagleHieraaetus ayresiiDownload
Cassin’s Hawk-eagleSpizaetus africanusDownload
Booted EagleHieraaetus pennatusDownload
Wahlberg’s EagleAquila wahlbergiDownload