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NameScientific Name Download
African Harrier-hawkPolyboroides typusDownload
Madagascar Harrier-hawkPolyboroides radiatusDownload
Long-tailed HawkUrotriorchis macrourusDownload
Dark Chanting-goshawkMelierax metabatesDownload
Pale Chanting-goshawkMelierax canorusDownload
Eastern Pale Chanting-goshawkMelierax poliopterusDownload
Lizard BuzzardKaupifalco monogrammicusDownload
Gabar GoshawkMelierax gabarDownload
Ovambo SparrowhawkAccipiter ovampensisDownload
Rufous-breasted SparrowhawkAccipiter rufiventrisDownload
Madagascar SparrowhawkAccipiter madagascariensisDownload
Eurasian SparrowhawkAccipiter nisusDownload
ShikraAccipiter badiusDownload
Frances’s SparrowhawkAccipiter francesiaeDownload
Levant SparrowhawkAccipiter brevipesDownload
African Goshawk GroupAccipiter tachiro/toussinelliDownload
African GoshawkAccipiter tachiroDownload
West African GoshawkAccipiter toussenelliDownload
Ethiopian GoshawkAccipiter unduliventerDownload
Chestnut-flanked SparrowhawkAccipiter castaniliusDownload
Little SparrowhawkAccipiter minullusDownload
Red-thighed SparrowhawkAccipiter erythropusDownload
Black SparrowhawkAccipiter melanoleucusDownload
Henst’s GoshawkAccipiter henstiiDownload
Northern GoshawkAccipiter gentilisDownload