Polar Raptor Databank

Client:   The Peregrine Fund
Region of Interest:  Arctic
Start Date:  October 2016
Staff Members: 

David Anderson of The Peregrine Fund worked closely with us to expand the ARDB model to the Arctic as a first phase of going global.

David maintains various important conservation databases particularly on the beautiful Gyr Falcon.

We developed two principal interfaces for this: a registration page and a data manager interface. Users are enabled to digitise their study areas, transect routes and study nests in a relational structure.
Sensitive data are guarded through the security.
Based on the success of the ARDB proforma spreadsheet we developed a nest observations spreadsheet which may simply be dragged onto the map interface to load all of the data for registered nest sites. Each nest site becomes colour coded in accordance with recent breeding activity and a popup displays the breeding histroy of the resident pair over the last ten years.