Updating African Vulture Range Maps for Uplisting of IUCN Status

Client:   BirdLife International, The Peregrine Fund
Region of Interest:  Africa
Start Date:  October 2015
Staff Members: 

Birdlife International and The Peregrine Fund ask Habitat Info to use the best available data on African vultures from the African Raptor Databank to update the range maps of the nine species known to occur in Africa.

We make use of the databank of sightings to extend or retract the polygons showing where these birds are resident or seasonally occur.

Habitat Info provide web apps showing all the data for each species and invite experts from around the continent to edit the polygons through the web or to place comments on the web maps to indicate that birds still occur or have vacated indicated locations.
The project is a success but the severe range retractions lead to the uplisting of IUCN red list status to Endangered or Critically Endangered for six species.