Regional Climate Change Programme for the Southern African Development Community

Client:   One World
Region of Interest:  Southern Africa
Start Date:  July 2005
Staff Members: 

To identify communities most in need of help in adapting to the harmful effects of climate change across the SADC region, with an emphasis on food security, and carried out in accordance with IPCC guidelines. The project was funded by Department for International Development (DfID).
We used over 50 environmental and socio-economic datasets to represent adaptive capacity, exposure to risk and sensitivity. These were combined to reveal problem areas and hotspots map currently and also projected to expected conditions in 2050.
Sensitivity analysis revealed that the strong geographic patterns of hotspots were robust for a range of different dataset combinations and weightings.
These maps have been very well received by stakeholders and have been found extremely useful for their expedience in generating discussion, and their role in promoting consensus