habitat INFO’s new logo!

habitat INFO are pleased to announce that we’ve worked closely with graphic design company Savage and Gray based in Cardiff to develop a new logo for the company.  We’ve stuck to our roots (pun intended!) and kept the tree as the main centre piece!  Instead of the old Kokerboom tree however, we’ve moved to a Baobab tree which to us really represents our main area of work, Africa.  Settlements are often situated around them (perhaps due to their sheer size) and they often mark the location of meeting places.  We’ve tried to maintain a theme of mapping throughout which is depicted by the lines and nodes.  Finally, we wanted our logo to demonstrate our work with both human habitats as well as the more obvious natural habitats; we’ve tried to achieve this by introducing a small house next to the tree!  Let us know what you think!

habitat INFO's logo

habitat INFO’s logo