ARDB update: March 2014


  • Database stands at 60776
  • 606 records received during March 2014
  • Automatic registration put in place

It’s been another productive month for the ARDB; the database now stands at 60,264 records which is fantastic!  We’ve had 72 records in for Cameroon from Robbie Whytock which has helped boost the record density in an otherwise sparsely covered area (see map below).  Andre Botha has kindly submitted a further 581 records he gathered during January in South Africa.  From Clive Barlow we’ve received 213 records he’s collected in The Gambia and he’s also passed on data from Simon Cavaillès for Senegal (a total of 880 records).

We’re currently holding records of Hooded Vultures from Clive Barlow and the records he passed on from Bruno Bargain for Senegal.  Joseph Heymans has also submitted 19 records from South Africa.  We’ll enter these records into the ARDB as soon as time and verification of data permits.

Please keep sending your records in; the next target is 70,000 records!

Best wishes,

The ARDB team