Jun 262018
New intern and calm seas

Last week we welcomed Luke Sutton to the team on a part-time summer internship. Supported by the Peregrine Fund, Luke will be working to build the Global Raptor Information Network’s (GRIN) database of global raptor observations by incorporating data from online databases, museum specimens, and printed atlases.  He will then begin building a GIS including habitat layers and use these layers to build distribution models for raptor species. Luke comes to […]

Jun 122018
Summer in Rookwood

It’s wonderful to experience the changing seasons in Rookwood. The mixed collection of sycamore, oak and ash trees sprout a thick canopy of leaves high above that throws the understorey in to deep, cool shade, whilst their trunks disappear beneath a rising undergrowth of spring flowers. The soundtrack is that of rooks calling to each other; raucous chicks tucked in to twiggy nests constructed in the upper-most branches beg for […]

Mar 142018
Wild & Wintry Days

We’ve had some unusually harsh winter weather recently caused by Storm Emma and the Beast from the East. The Pembrokeshire coast was swathed in snow and froze solid for several days. For the human residence it was mostly inconvenient with roads impassable as well as power cuts and frozen pipes for some. For local bird populations food and water was buried by snow and the ground was frozen solid by […]

Oct 252017
Climate vulnerability mapping in northern Zambia

habitatINFO has just been contracted by OneWorld in Cape Town to help map climate vulnerability in the 4 provinces of northern Zambia. Like other projects this will be a high resolution update of information to provide hot spot maps which enable authorities and local stakeholders to direct their attention and resources to the places and communities most in need of help adapting to the harmful effects of climate change. These […]

Aug 292017
Owl in residence

  This week we have another rescued bird under observation in the Hawk Hotel at HabitatInfo. Found at night on the side of the road by Ffion, local skipper of Falcon Boats she took it home for a few nights before checking it in with us. Since then owl has been eating the day-old chicks on offer and is doing fine. We plan to release her back to the wild […]

Aug 082017
Swimming with jellies

The HabitatInfo/ARDB office is located a few minutes walk from the glorious Pembrokeshire coast and the sea has been very inviting of-late with lots of jellyfish to marvel at. This beautiful Compass jellyfish was among them, photo taken by Lou Luddington.  

Jul 042017
Rook rehab

Over the last 5 weeks or so we’ve been providing refuge and rehab to a rook that arrived in the courtyard with a broken leg. Local vet Tom Bailey came to take a look and used a finger splint to immobilize the leg. After two weeks of confinement to heal we carefully removed the splint and gave Charlie the rook (named by Rob’s son Laurie) the run of the aviary. […]

Jun 122017
New bird feeding station

We recently installed a bird feeding station at ARDB HQ and have attracted some great bird life! Goldfinch (second image) have been enjoying the sunflower hearts, whilst Great spotted woodpeckers prefer the peanuts – both images show male birds identified by the red patch on the back of the head, females lack the red patch. Other visitors include members of the local Jackdaw and Rook crew, Blue tit, Great tit, […]

May 292017
Hunting Short-eared Owl

Last weekend ARDB team member Lou Luddington kayaked over to Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire and had a blissful afternoon enjoying the island wildlife. Wonderful sightings were had of some of the 25,000 Atlantic puffins that visit the island to breed at this time of year and the island was swathed in wildflowers. But most memorable from the day was a Short-eared Owl hunting for Skomer voles along North Valley. It was […]

May 222017
New neighbour in the woods

We put up a nest box at habitat INFO and invited the local barn owls and a pair of tawnies took up residence. Every night we’ve been listening to their calls and last week this little baby owl peeked its head out to take a look at the world.

Aug 282015
Junior's release

‘Junior’ the buzzard went back to the wild yesterday so he could take advantage of late summer. He has spent nearly two years in rehab at Habitat Info and has recovered really well after his op to fix his wing. Still holds it a bit down when perched but he flew magnificently and seemed to be heading straight back to Fishguard…

Oct 062014
Cardiff Half Marathon 2014

habitat INFO ran the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday 5th October 2014, raising money for the NSPCC and Wales Air Ambulance!  After weeks of training we arrived at the start line for what was to be a couple of hours of pain, more pain and a little more pain!  We all completed the run successfully and enjoyed a well deserved pint afterwards!  Between us we raised £700 for our chosen […]

Sep 032014

Darcy Ogada and the ARDB are trying to get all the existing Cassin’s Hawk Eagle records into the ARDB for a small project we are working on.  We currently (3/9/2014) have 80 records; 45 recent and 35 historic (Snow Atlas).  We’d appreciate your help in adding any additional records you may have or know of that are not already on the map.  Please send any records to Rob (rob.davies@habitatinfo.com).

Jun 122014
Population boom

We’ve had a bit of a population boom at habitat INFO recently.  On Friday 16th May we hastily setup the incubator for the first time and loaded it with approximately 40 Partridge eggs which had been laid by our resident hens.  We didn’t really know what to expect!  Not only was it all a bit of a rush but we were also entering uncharted territory; our normal day involves map making […]

Apr 252014
habitat INFO's new logo!

habitat INFO are pleased to announce that we’ve worked closely with graphic design company Savage and Gray based in Cardiff to develop a new logo for the company.  We’ve stuck to our roots (pun intended!) and kept the tree as the main centre piece!  Instead of the old Kokerboom tree however, we’ve moved to a Baobab tree which to us really represents our main area of work, Africa.  Settlements are […]

Apr 252014

This month I traveled to Maun on behalf of habitat INFO to meet up with one of our clients, OneWorld.  Maun is in Northern Botswana and is regarded as the gateway to the Okavango Delta, one of the most incredible places in the World, let alone Africa! Together with OneWorld I was tasked with presenting the methodology and findings of our risk and vulnerability mapping exercise across the Limpopo basin. […]

Jan 102014

It’s been a great 2013 for the ARDB… the record count now stands at an impressive 57,547 which spans a total of 25 countries. We’ve had contributions from a wealth of people and are very grateful for the submissions to date! Please check out the end of year review which is available to download from here More information can be found on the resources and status pages… Here’s to an […]

Aug 192013

habitat INFO are keeping up the pace with the ARDB and continually rolling out new developments.  This month we have developed new Java based webmaps for viewing and editing (Our editing webmap requires registration) which we hope will improve the experience of our users.  We have also extensively worked on the database schema over the past few months in order to make sure its as comprehensive as possible.  We aim […]