Sep 062018
ARDB update: second quarter 2018

2,406 records received 25th April- 24th July Total records to date are 201,620 Continued excellent coverage in South Africa, Namibia and Senegambia                                 The most dominant country in terms of observations for the period was South Africa, accounting for almost half the total number of records (48%), whilst the next best coverage was provided for […]

Apr 262018
ARDB update: first quarter 2018

14,169 records received 1st January- 24th April A major update from Tanzanian Bird Atlas A fantastic contribution of records from the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project Other highlights include more data from Angola, Mauritania, Malawi and Uganda Total records to date are 199,214       To name a few, highlights from the last few months included records from Malawi from Andre Botha, with observations of African Goshawk and Lizard […]

Jan 232018
ARDB update: December 2017

6,425 records received during December Highlights include records from Mauritania, Angola and more than 4000 records from Tanzania Total records end of December 2017 at 190,214   December was a great month for ARDB submissions  with more than 6,000 records logged; 70% of these records came from the Tanzania Bird Atlas team for 2015-2016 and show a wide geographical spread of incidental observations by car. Many thanks to Neil Baker […]

Dec 132017
ARDB update: November 2017

1,242 records received during November Highlights include records from Nigeria and Northern Botswana Total records end of November 2017 at 183,789     We were delighted to receive an incidental observation from Nigeria where Michael Manja recorded a Hooded Vulture. The last time we received data from Nigeria was in March 2017 and is relatively under-represented on the database. Andre Botha also submitted valuable observations from a road survey in […]

Nov 152017
ARDB update: October 2017

5,369 records received during October Highlights include records from Cape Verde islands and historical data from Volker Salewski for Senegal Total records end of October 2017 at 182,547   October was a great month for contributions with more than half of these (3053) coming from road surveys in Ethiopia carried out by Evan Buechley, Andre de la Cruz, Gabriel Gaucal, Juan Ramirez and Monte Neate-Klegg. Evan Buechley (pictured left) is […]

Oct 062017
ARDB update: September 2017

3,147 records received in September Highlights include records from Djibouti and Ethiopia from Evan Buechley and team Total records end of September 2017 at 177,178   This month saw a surge in contributions to the ARDB with a 3-fold increase on last months contributions. A real highlight this month was receiving data for Djibouti and Ethiopia from road surveys and the big migration count conducted by Evan Buchley, Andres de  […]

Sep 152017
ARDB update: August 2017

1,170 records received in August Highlights include records from Ara Monadjem for Mozambique, Western Kenya data from Washington Wachira, and Spanish data! from Jose Tavares Total records end of August 2017 at 174,031 Records this month continued to be steady from regular contributors. Dirk Heinrich provided a good proportion of all records (108 records) with his incidental observations from north Namibia and the Caprivi Strip. A highlight from the Europe […]

Aug 092017
ARDB update: July 2017

4,145 records received in July Highlights include more than 1,800 spreadsheet observations from Ronelle Visagie & Bram Piot Total records now at 172,966  This month we received two large contributions to the data bank via spreadsheet that swelled the observation tally; Ronelle Visagie provided 1,084 road survey observations from South Africa and Bram Piot sent us 803 incidental observations from Cameroon, Niger, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Guinea and Senegal. Regular […]

Jul 192017
ARDB update: June 2017

1,048 records received in June Highlights include 175 observations (17 % of all records) from Erik Brohaugh in The Gambia Total records now at 168,821 Records this month showed a steady flow from our regular contributors in Senegambia, Europe, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Erik and Asaph Brohaugh made a significant contribution with 175 records from The Gambia.  Last month we featured Clive Barlow as a contributor to ARDB […]

ARDB update: April 2017

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Jun 122017
ARDB update: April 2017

 1,562 records received during AprilSignificant data from MadagascarTotal records in ARDB now 164,988 Observers continued to be busy during April sending in a total of 1562 records to the data bank, raising the ARDB tally from 163,130 to 164,988 observations; almost 165,000 observations now that’s a milestone to celebrate! The database has enjoyed a 20% increase in data since April last year and observations submitted during April this year were […]

Feb 052017
ARDB update: January 2017

The ARDB got off to an amazing start in 2017 with 6050 records added in January raising the data bank tally from 152,739 to 158,801 observations We have a new helper at the ARDB, Dr Lou Luddington who is able to come in and help with ARDB data and newsletters on Monday mornings. Lou is a marine biologist and obtained her PhD at Bangor University, North Wales with a study […]

Jan 102017
ARDB update: December 2016

 1,394 records were added in December taking the data bank tally from 151,329 to 152,723 observations.Click on the image for a high resolution map: We thought you might like to see some of the characters involved with the ARDB project; one who works tirelessly ‘behind the scenes’ to keep the technologies operational is Andrew Rayner (image 1) our developer who is from South Africa but now lives near Habitat Info […]

Dec 102016
ARDB update: November 2016

November proved to be a prolific month with 6,733 records added taking the data bank tally from 144,671 to 151,329 observations. click on the image for a high resolution map: Highlights this month included more than 2,500 historical and recent observations from Volker Salewski and a further 592 observations from Bram Piot for west Africa which provided much needed data for this region. Data from surveys organised around the 14th […]

Feb 022015
ARDB update: January 2015

1,878 records received during January First significant data received for North Africa (Tunisia) Total records in the ARDB now stands at 105,890 9,829 kilometres travelled over 14.4 days in Android app’s survey mode A great month with more records than ever received via the Android app and the ARDB’s first delivery of data for North Africa (Tunisia) courtesy of AAO (BirdLife Partner) Since our last update for the month of […]

Jan 082015

What a year 2014 has been! We’ve seen the database nearly double in size, the launch of an offline Android app, the ARDB receive its own ‘branding’ and the beginning of the species distribution modelling stage!  The full annual review can be downloaded here. Thanks, The ARDB team

Dec 082014
ARDB update: December 2014

1,081 records received during December Total records in the ARDB now stands at 102,971 4,253 kilometers traveled over 6.7 days in Android app’s survey mode Quieter on the spread sheets but the app takes another leap forwards… Since our last update for the month of November we have received an additional 1,081 records via the Android mobile app. All users and their respective contributions for December are listed below. During […]

Dec 052014
ARDB update: November 2014

100,000 record milestone! 1,201 records received bringing the total to 101,938! 724 records received via Android app 3,325 kilometres travelled over 124 hours in Android app’s survey mode Rare find in Botswana! More data in via African Raptor Observations and a rare find in Botswana. New data has been received by spread sheet (see the table below) from Andre Botha (309, South Africa) and the West Africa Bird Database (WABDAB) […]