ARDB species


Please find information regarding the species the ARDB is monitoring below.  If you wish to submit an image for use by the ARDB (i.e. across it’s apps and website) then please click here.

Raptor group Subspecies number English name Abbreviation Photo?
Vultures 10 Bearded Vulture BV
Vultures 20 White-backed Vulture WBV
Vultures 30 Rüeppell’s Vulture RV
Vultures 40 Cape Vulture CV
Vultures 50 Eurasian Griffon Vulture GV Y
Vultures 60 White-headed Vulture WHV
Vultures 70 Lappet-faced Vulture LFV
Vultures 80 Cinereous Vulture CIN
Vultures 90 Hooded Vulture HV Y
Vultures 100 Egyptian Vulture EV
Vultures 110 Palm-nut Vulture PNV
Kites & others 120 Secretarybird SB
Kites & others 130 Osprey OSP
Fish / snake eagles 140 African Fish-eagle AFE Y
Fish / snake eagles 150 Madagascar Fish-eagle MFE
Fish / snake eagles 160 White-tailed Eagle WTSE
Fish / snake eagles 170 Bateleur BAT Y
Fish / snake eagles 180 Brown Snake-eagle BSE
Fish / snake eagles 190 Black-breasted Snake-eagle BBSE
Fish / snake eagles 200 Beaudouin’s Snake-eagle BDSE
Fish / snake eagles 210 Short-toed Snake-eagle STE
Fish / snake eagles 220 Southern Banded Snake-eagle SBSE
Fish / snake eagles 230 Western Banded Snake-eagle WBSE
Fish / snake eagles 240 Congo Serpent-eagle CSE Y
Fish / snake eagles 250 Madagascar Serpent-eagle MSE
Eagles 260 Martial Eagle ME
Eagles 270 Crowned Eagle CE
Eagles 280 Verreaux’s Eagle VE Y
Eagles 290 Tawny Eagle TE Y
Eagles 300 Steppe Eagle SE
Eagles 310 Lesser Spotted Eagle LSE
Eagles 320 Greater Spotted Eagle GSE
Eagles 330 Spanish Imperial Eagle SIE
Eagles 340 Eastern Imperial Eagle EIE
Eagles 350 Golden Eagle GE
Eagles 360 Long-crested Eagle LCE Y
Eagles 370 African Hawk-eagle AHE
Eagles 380 Bonelli’s Eagle BHE
Eagles 390 Ayres’s Hawk-eagle AYR
Eagles 400 Cassin’s Hawk-eagle CHE
Eagles 410 Booted Eagle BTE
Eagles 420 Wahlberg’s Eagle WAH
Buzzards 430 Eurasian Buzzard EBZ
Buzzards 431 Steppe Buzzard SBZ Y
Buzzards 440 Mountain Buzzard MBZ
Buzzards 441 Forest Buzzard FBZ
Buzzards 450 Madagascar Buzzard MADBZ
Buzzards 460 Long-legged Buzzard LLBZ
Buzzards 461 Socotra Buzzard SCTBZ
Buzzards 470 Rough-legged Buzzard RLBZ
Buzzards 480 Jackal Buzzard JBZ
Buzzards 490 Augur Buzzard ABZ Y
Buzzards 492 Archer’s Buzzard ARCHBZ
Buzzards 500 Red-necked Buzzard RNBZ
Buzzards 510 Grasshopper Buzzard GHBZ
Buzzards 520 European Honey-buzzard HBZ
Buzzards 530 Oriental Honey-buzzard OHBZ
Harriers 540 African Marsh Harrier AMH
Harriers 550 Western Marsh Harrier WMH
Harriers 560 Madagascar Harrier MADH
Harriers 561 Reunion Harrier RH
Harriers 570 Black Harrier BH
Harriers 580 Montagu’s Harrier MTH
Harriers 590 Pallid Harrier PH
Harriers 600 Hen Harrier HH
Hawks 610 African Harrier-hawk AFHH
Hawks 620 Madagascar Harrier-hawk MADHH
Hawks 630 Long-tailed Hawk LTH
Hawks 640 Dark Chanting-goshawk DCG
Hawks 650 Pale Chanting-goshawk PCG
Hawks 660 Eastern Pale Chanting-goshawk EPCG
Hawks 670 Lizard Buzzard LBZ
Hawks 680 Gabar Goshawk GG Y
Hawks 690 Ovambo Sparrowhawk OVS
Hawks 700 Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk RBS
Hawks 710 Madagascar Sparrowhawk MADS
Hawks 720 Eurasian Sparrowhawk ES Y
Hawks 730 Shikra SHIK
Hawks 740 Frances’s Sparrowhawk FS
Hawks 750 Levant Sparrowhawk LVS
Hawks 760 African Goshawk AG
Hawks 762 West African Goshawk WAG
Hawks 770 Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk CFS
Hawks 780 Little Sparrowhawk LS
Hawks 790 Red-thighed Sparrowhawk RTS
Hawks 800 Black Sparrowhawk BS
Hawks 810 Henst’s Goshawk HG
Hawks 820 Northern Goshawk NG
Kites & others 830 Black or Yellow-billed Kite B/YBK
Kites & others 831 Black Kite BK
Kites & others 832 Yellow-billed Kite YBK
Kites & others 840 Red Kite RDK
Kites & others 850 African Cuckoo-hawk ACH Y
Kites & others 860 Madagascar Cuckoo-hawk MADCH
Kites & others 870 Black-shouldered Kite BSK Y
Kites & others 880 African Swallow-tailed Kite ASTK
Kites & others 890 Bat Hawk BATH Y
Falcons 900 Pygmy Falcon PYGF Y
Falcons 910 Lanner Falcon LF Y
Falcons 920 Peregrine Falcon PF Y
Falcons 922 Barbary Falcon BF
Falcons 930 Saker Falcon SKF
Falcons 940 Eleonora’s Falcon EF
Falcons 950 Taita Falcon TF
Falcons 960 Red-necked Falcon RNF Y
Falcons 970 Merlin MER
Falcons 980 African Hobby AFH
Falcons 990 Eurasian Hobby EURH
Falcons 1000 Sooty Falcon SF
Kestrels 1010 Amur Falcon AMF
Kestrels 1020 Red-footed Falcon RFF
Kestrels 1030 Grey Kestrel GRK Y
Kestrels 1040 Dickinson’s Kestrel DK
Kestrels 1050 Banded Kestrel BDK
Kestrels 1060 Common Kestrel C/M/RK
Kestrels 1061 Eurasian Kestrel CK
Kestrels 1062 Mountain Kestrel MK
Kestrels 1063 Rock Kestrel RK Y
Kestrels 1070 Greater Kestrel GTK Y
Kestrels 1080 Fox Kestrel FK
Kestrels 1090 Lesser Kestrel LK
Kestrels 1100 Madagascar Kestrel MADK
Kestrels 1110 Mauritius Kestrel MAURK
Kestrels 1120 Seychelles Kestrel SEYK
Owls 1130 Giant Eagle-owl GEO
Owls 1140 Cape Eagle-owl CEO
Owls 1150 Pharoah Eagle-owl PEO
Owls 1160 Eurasian Eagle-owl EEO
Owls 1170 Spotted Eagle-owl SPEO
Owls 1172 Greyish Eagle-owl GREYEO
Owls 1180 Akun Eagle-owl AEO
Owls 1190 Fraser’s Eagle-owl FEO
Owls 1192 Usambara Eagle-owl UEO
Owls 1200 Pel’s Fishing-owl PFO
Owls 1210 Vermiculated Fishing-owl VFO
Owls 1220 Rufous Fishing-owl RFO
Owls 1230 Marsh Owl MARO
Owls 1240 Short-eared Owl SHEO
Owls 1250 Abyssinian Owl AO
Owls 1260 Madagascar Owl MADO
Owls 1270 Eurasian Long-eared Owl ELEO
Owls 1280 African Wood Owl AWO Y
Owls 1290 Madagascar Red Owl MADRO
Owls 1300 Barn Owl BO
Owls 1310 African Grass-owl AGO
Owls 1320 Maned Owl MANO
Owls 1330 Madagascar Hawk-owl MADHO
Owls 1340 Hume’s Owl HUMO
Owls 1350 Tawny Owl TAWNO
Owls 1360 Red-chested Owlet RCO
Owls 1370 African Barred Owlet ABO
Owls 1372 Chestnut Owlet CHO
Owls 1380 Pearl-spotted Owlet PSO
Owls 1390 Chestnut-backed Owlet CBO
Owls 1400 Little Owl LO
Owls 1410 White-faced Scops-owl WFSO
Owls 1420 African Scops-owl ASO
Owls 1430 Sokoke Scops-owl SKSO
Owls 1440 Eurasian Scops-owl ESO
Owls 1450 Pallid Scops-owl PLDSO
Owls 1460 Sandy Scops-owl SNSO
Owls 1470 Madagascar Scops-owl MADSO
Owls 1480 Pemba Scops-owl PEMSO
Owls 1490 Grande Comore Scops-owl GCSO
Owls 1500 Anjouan Scops-owl ANSO
Owls 1510 Seychelles Scops-owl SEISO
Owls 1520 Congo Bay-owl CONBO
Owls 1530 Shelley’s Eagle-owl SHELEO
Owls 1540 Albertine Owlet ALBO
Owls 1550 São Tomé Scops-owl STSO
Mystery / non-raptor 9991 Southern Ground-hornbill SGHB
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