African vulture hotspot mapping

In February 2017 habitat INFO produced 64 maps on the distribution of African vultures, their movements (by satellite tracking), their habitat strongholds, and the most serious threats to their effective conservation.  This has been a massive collaboration of many vulture biologists and conservation agencies orchestrated by Alterra Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands, and funded by a variety of agencies, principally the Dutch Government.  Ralph Buij, Corinne Kendall and Ara Monadjem helped habitat INFO collate all the data which included 6 million kilometers travelled by African vultures with satellite tracking!  Lutfor Rahman and Lou Luddington processed the data in the office and from all the new data sources we have updated the rangemaps of each species and analysed their distributions indicated by ARDB data and habitat models.  We have overlayed these to derive the most important remaining habitat strongholds for vultures in Africa.  Threats to these vultures are acute, principally from poisoning whether it be by poachers, traditional medicine dealers or subsistence farmers trying to kill predators of livestock.  The maps are being used in the multi-species action plan for African and Eurasian vultures currently being compiled by CMS Raptors MoU.  They will be made public in the near future..